Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brief update

Apologies for the lack of blogging just haven't fancied blogging much but im still alive and in reasonable health :). Im back living in Newcastle renting in Jesmond and have been for around 6 weeks, loving life back here and its a great place to be with plenty going on and a mini hotbed of poker talent it seems. Originally i was looking to buy a 2bed house in Jesmond however i hit problems getting a mortgage. Little bit annoying since i was putting down a 60% deposit with my dad as a guarentor for a 40% mortgage but suffice this hit a snag as i didn't meet some of the criteria for which my bank classed my occupation as a "professional sportsman". Nevermind im renting for 6 months here and i'll review my situation again then but atm my attitude is one of slight contempt for the financial industry so i'll do what i always do rely on myself to make some dough then buy a house outright so i don't have to deal with the incompetence from some of these guys.

Pokerwise im doing ok nothing special. For the 1st time in a long while i've put it on the back burner avg'ing 75hrs per month which is v poor but i've been enjoying life playing a lot of golf and badminton and probably too many nights. Im up about $60k +rb in online cash games which is probably par for the course for me. Im struggling to beat 5/10 im probably b/e at best, the leap in standard from 3/6-5/10 is probably comparable to that of 1/2-2/4 which it took me a little bit of time to adjust a few years ago.

  Live poker i've almost completely put on the back burner. I went to Melbourne for the Aussie Mills and bricked everything which instantly made me stuck $20k for the year in January. Online Mtt's im also a v healthy loser probably to the tune of -$10k no real scores but a number of deep runs. I make so many mistakes its shameful. I think i have a serious ego issue which is probably why i dont beat mtt's, I see people do dumb stuff all the time, so i feel left out and often join them in losing my mind. Nevermind im hoping something will click one day and i'll stop the bleeding.

I've also decided not to go to Vegas this yr. Firstly i have a stag do to attend in a couple of weeks and secondly i just cba. I remember how lazy i was there last time, i managed to book a decent winning trip but with no online poker and not being a massive fan of live poker i feel its more financially prudent for someone who's at best a mediocre mtt player whilst the cash games and mtt's online should hopefully be printers. Theres an outside chance i might go for the ME however unlikely, i'd also like to wish the VBOL to all the British guys going out there.

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